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gracie martin & the so beautifuls

Break up anthem ‘10%’ wants

to dump capitalism


Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls new track ‘10%’ drips with both heartbreak and capitalism fatigue. Every word questions her place in the eyes of her lover; calculating her worth. As Gracie pines: “Are you racking up a big check just to leave me 10%?” She is not only asking the wealthy customer at her day job to tip 20% -- Gracie is asking for a fair compensation for her emotional labor. Choosing her own world over a relationship that feels like a day job.


“I was waiting tables and trying to get over my ex when I wrote this song. I was questioning every memory of our relationship and furious at how much emotional labor I put in to someone who didn’t value me. Being forced to question my value in someone’s eyes invited the language of capitalism into my most intimate self. Although I ask to be tipped fairly for emotional labor in the song, there’s a deep sadness underpinning the desire to put capitalist structures onto something so vulnerable.”


#folkpop #indie #indiepop

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L.A. singer- songwriter Susie releases debut album
Blonde Wave

L.A. musician Susie releases her debut album Blonde Wave. Having spent two years writing and recording the album, the soulful 15-year-old singer/songwriter is ready to share her thoughts and feelings about coming of age on this stirring song cycle. Blonde Wave is a sparkling batch of infectious indie pop with unforgettably melodic choruses that keep you floating from one song to the next.


“I want people to know that my songs are an open window into my life,” Susie says. “I poured so many feelings from the last two years into them. I think I’m going through a lot of the same things as other people my age.”


Listen to the lead single “Bummer Summer” HERE


#indiepop #dreampop #la #california #music 

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Nearing the end of a 40+ date tour across Canada, UK indie-folk singer-songwriter Holly Rees prepares to release her anthemic single “Getting By” on September 6th.

Holly Rees is a storyteller of her own soul. Her greatest gift is that she seems to write about our souls too. With “Getting By,” a single as rocking as it is reflective, Holly hones in on the seesawing, cyclic nature of our lives – the way we’re given a ceaseless onslaught of times both good
and bad. Life is no match for Holly Rees, though. She’ll challenge it right back.“

Cover art by Dale Glenister

#indie #indiefolk #singer #songrwriter



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"Everything Julia does is cinematic and dynamic; from her theatric visual to her bold, dark, and vivid sound, Scott never fails to captivate and excite.” – Abby Jeffers, Indientry


Alice’s Night Circus will be releasing, for the first time on digital platforms, the full-length album Metamorphose, 23-August-2019. Prior to album release you can listen & share the latest single, “The Machine” from the up-coming digital release out 26-July-2019.

#steampunk #steampop #singer #songrwriter



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radio host. music journalist. author.

This campaign was a major accomplishment for our company. Working outside the box to promote Alex and The Heart Goes Boom radio show and Stereo Embers: The Podcast, we were able to create a brand that is highly respected and very sought after.


We were able to shape the way AGO engage with their audience, and as a result of our work, saw measurable results in increased exposure within the music industry, a sought-after product with entertainment publicists and a respected reputation among musicians.

#radiohost #musicjournalist #author

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Susie shares debut album Blonde Wave
"‘Blonde Wave’ is an album for both the young and young at heart. Susie’s melodies are quirky and assured; her voice carries a maturity far greater than her fifteen years." - RiffRaff


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Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls
new single 10%
"From its first strum, a searing string designed to echo, “10%” aims to haunt. It’s the kind of wispy, wistful song that seeps into your skin and begins installing goosebumps." -The Music Mermaid
"To me, punk rock is the freedom to create, freedom to be successful, freedom to not be successful, freedom to be who you are. It's freedom."
- Patti Smith


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