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Holly Rees gives us time to answer our much need-to-know questions

Updated: Jan 3

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While Holly Rees was cruising across Canada in 2019 we thought it would be cool to check in and ask her a few questions. They were also meant to go out prior to Holly's single release "Getting By" and we somehow neglected to finish the last two questions. Oops!

So here they are! Holly is a great interview and always makes us laugh somewhere in a conversation. Mostly when she calls us out for being inappropriate. It was a ton of fun following Holly on her journey and we can't wait to have her back in Canada...hopefully one day soon!

What has been your favorite thing so far on this Canadian tour?

That’s suuuch a tough one, there have been so many amazing shows and festivals, but I recently played a show up in Flin Flon Manitoba, where I was joined by a full band for the only time this tour, and that was very special. And we managed to pull it out of the bag with just two rehearsals which was just insane and such fun.

We know you are not a fan of green gummies. What is your all-time favorite comfort food, bevvie of choice, and self-care treat?

Ooh I’m actually a total poutine convert - just posh cheesy chips and gravy, I love it. Also a big fan of chocolate raisins or those little magic stars chocolates but I haven’t spotted any of those over here! Bevvie wise I’m a fan of a nice cold pint.

If you could bring anyone along on your trip across Canada who would it be and why?

Ohhh I super wish I could have brought my band, that would have been amazing. I miss them loads and I really miss playing with them too. One day!

Which of your friends are “glampers” not campers?

Hahaha my first thought was Crysta, my wonderful PR lady who once told me she’d never run, even in the apocalypse...

Can you explain your song writing process and how you know when a song is finished?

That’s a great question! For me at least it varies song to song - some songs come out all at once and I know straight away it’s how I want it to be, and other songs develop much more slowly - collecting lines, trying different melodies and chord progressions, and then I keep tweaking it until I’m playing it live and even then still keep changing it a little bit until I’m like okay, that works.

Who are your top five female singer-songwriters?

Off the top of my head right now I’m gonna go with Courtney Barnett, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Jen Cloher and Shura

Who are you listening to right now? What is it you like/love about this artist?

Right now, I’m listening to a lot of Sam Fender - I’ve had Will We Talk stuck in my head for days, and Hypersonic Missiles is just such a brilliant song. I love his lyrics and his sound, it all works together so well, and there’s just such an authenticity.

What are your top three books that you read over-and-over again?

Oh that’s tough, I love new books so I don’t often read a book more than once because there’s so many books in the world I want to try and get through as many as I can! #nerdalert

We know you love breakfast; explain to us what a Holly special breakfast looks like?

LISTEN oh my god I LOVE breakfast. This is a perfect question. RIGHT - vegetarian sausages, one or two eggs (over easy), fried mushrooms and tomatoes (and maybe broccoli if I’m feeling it) with a good couple of hash browns. And unlimited coffee.

Knowing what you know now; what are a few things you would change about this tour, if anything?

I’m not sure I’d change anything - I’ve loved it all, the ups and the downs. Maybe I’d have brought more merch with me (I severely underestimated how much Canadians need clothing so had to order a new box of T-shirts just a month into tour which was a bit stressful without a fixed address!)

What are your pet peeves?


Do you think you will tour Europe anytime soon? What places in Europe are on your wish list to play?

I’d LOVE to tour Europe. Big fat European tour yes please. Fuck Brexit.

You have had some great feedback on this Canadian tour. What has been your favorite venues to visit and play so far?

It’s all been amazing but if I had to pick a few proper favourites - Park Sounds in Vancouver, LVs Vinyl Cafe in Red Deer, The Cure in Regina, the lush house concert in Saskatoon, or Johnnys in Flin Flon. I’m gonna stop before this just turns into a list of everywhere on tour...

What made you decide Canada was the place to tour?

I’ve just always wanted to see Canada, and what better way than with music?

What advice would you give other artists who want to tour other countries?

Go for it! And put as much effort into research and planning and booking as you do making the music you love, because it pays off.

When you get in front of an audience; what is the first thought(s) that run through your head?

I just want to do my best and give them the best show I can.

If you hadn’t found music, what do you think you would be doing right now?

I’m not sure, I was painting before I started doing music, so maybe that, but before painting I always wanted to be a marine biologist, so maybe that.

What makes music so special?

I don’t think I know anything else that bring people together in that kind of collective escape and movement.

What are your favorite songs to cover in a set?

I haven’t really been playing any covers on this tour, but at my last full band headliner in Newcastle we covered Don’t You (Forget About Me) which was suuuuper fun.

What is next for Holly Rees?

More shows, more recordings, more festivals - more music!

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