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Meet Vanessa of House In The Sand

Updated: Jan 3

Writer, photographer and interviewer. Vanessa is the glitter that shines brightly, the bearer of laughter that is neatly tucked in her cute handbag, and the constant shiny star that never leaves you in darkness.

Happy Friday Fiends! We have something special today which may end up as a regular thang. We send out our promos to the best in music media. Most times people won’t know who is behind the blog, publication, radio station or podcast. We want to change that. We love our media peeps and we want you to know who they are. We are really excited to bring you our first profile Q+A with the very talented and lovely Vanessa, founder of House In The Sand.

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Vanessa, thank you for being our first Friday Feature guest. We know each other personally so I will try to keep this professional…there will be no goat talk, but you can love up the Jonas Brothers & Hozier as much as you want cuz it is your Friday Feature ;-)

You just released your very first print edition of House In The Sand Magazine. We are really excited for you and know how much work actually went into this project. Thanks for letting us be a part of this monumental moment for HITS.

How exciting is this for you?

Honestly, it's difficult to put it into words. It's been such a long process and it's the first time that I've actually made a product. I've spent all of yesterday and today packing orders and I'm having the best time. Seeing that people actually are interested and want a copy is the best feeling in the world.

What was your first thought opening up the shipment of mags?

"Wow, we actually did it. It's here. I'm going to cry." ... and then I cried. Happy tears though!!!

Can you list a few things you loved about the project?

Absolutely! I think one of my favorite parts of it was being able to connect with musicians on a deeper level. With these interviews we decided to dive deeper into certain topics and that has led to a bunch of raw moments.

Of course the greatest joy was working with my co-creator, Chris Stringer, who's not only a fantastic musician but also an incredible graphic designer and wonderful friend. To say that the two of us have created 80 pages of content feels pretty bad-ass and every late night editing session ended with me laughing hysterically, sometimes out of pure sleep deprivation but it was a hoot and a half.

Was there any part of the process that made you want to smash something?

Yes. I think I've really experienced the so called "creative process" which is just an endless loop of "this is the best thing ever" & "I hate everything I've ever done".

We know you as a brilliant photographer, writer, and interviewer. You are also extremely funny which, is probably a side of you most people don’t know about you. With that said;

Have you always been creative?

I'm an only-child, so I think the time that others would spend with their siblings, I was happily drawing away. I remember how I would love to make up stories in my head and make my family act them out with me. Photography was probably my first love though, I would always grab any camera I could find and mainly photograph flowers in the garden. Not much has changed, really.

Is there anything else in the arts you can see yourself doing down the road?

As of now, I'm pretty happy with photography and writing. Rather than trying out more, I just want to work harder on that to hone my craft and learn more about it.

If you could get Jonas Brothers and Hozier to sing a song together, what song would it be?

This has got to be the best question I've ever been asked, thank you! Wow, this is just brilliant. I think I'd love to hear them cover Paramore's "Told You So". Wouldn't that be such an interesting thing to witness? Who's going to start the petition because I will sign it with every email account I own. Hit me up with the link, folks!

If you could host a vegan dinner party:

Who would be invited? Betty White!!! I would absolutely love to chat with her, mainly about animals but also the entertainment industry. And of course I'd invite all the magazine artists and my favorite writers & photographers. #blogsquad

What is on the menu?

We'd start off with a carrot soup. Have a lovely Thai curry with all the veggies, some onion baguette because I love me some carbs as the main dish. And I think we'd just have lemon cake and ice cream for dessert.

Is there a live concert? If so, who is opening and who is headlining?

Should I stay on brand here? The Jonas Brothers would be opening and Hozier would headline. And I'd be sobbing in the corner.

Would there be cowboys?


Thank you Vanessa for letting us steal you away for some chit-chat. We wish you all the best and can’t wait to get our hands wrapped around your HITS!

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