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Saucy Talk Q+A

Updated: Jan 3

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Well this is a first. Our first Saucy Talk question and answer with our new social media bestie Adam Reeve of Sounds Good blog.

Here are some of the best bits of Adam. He is unbelievably funny & very entertaining, kind in a way that does not exist much anymore, and he is a music nut just like us. We knew Adam was a star the moment we realized he knew who Brant Bjork was on our Saucy Singles playlist.

Oh yeah, Adam is the inspiration behind our Sauciness. Do yourself a fave later, check out Sounds Good and give our favorite fiend some social media hugs…we think he’ll appreciate those.

What is the first thing you see out your bedroom window?

I see the side of a neighbors house and a bunch of parked cars that are not mine. I don't drive, but man do I love a brisk walk. Oh, I also see an impending sense of doom in the distance too.

Was this your inspiration for starting a music blog?

Not particularly. The inspiration came when I was 18, and saw a good friend of mine land a blogging spot on a website. He was able to review new music and GET FREE NEW MUSIC which proper appealed to me. I then discovered The Needle Drop, started writing a couple of my own reviews and sent them to Anthony Fantano, he replied saying they were decent and well, here we are.

The inspiration behind starting Sounds Good was because I essentially wanted to start over from scratch. I had two blogs previously but was rather on/off with them and eventually became burned out over the overwhelming amount of submissions they'd get. I was older too and much more relaxed and confident in my desire to essentially do what I want, so wanted to reflect that in a blog with an easy name, simple look and just wanted to flood it with good, chilled vibes. I love my baby so much.

If we could give you three things right now, what would they be?

The ability to do this full time, or enough financial stability to go part time at my proper job. A headlining gig at Glastonbury and a better hairline.

List your top four listens at the moment?

Based off of what I've listened to today, it would be:

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - 'Rattlesnake'

The Cure - 'Let's Go To Bed'

Cage The Elephant - 'Teeth'

Queens of the Stone Age - 'The Evil Has Landed'

You have 5 minutes to pack your stuff and get on the bus. Whose bus is it and where are you going?

Ideally it'd be my other half's bus so I don't have to try and explain why I've decided to flee from her, and I'd like to travel to places that aren't overpopulated with tourists. So Norway, Croatia, but a trip to the shop would be cool too. I'm proper hankering for a Lion Bar right now.

We need you to create a display window for a new music release. That is all you know, what is in it?

Bloody hell. Okay, uh...tissue paper. Fairy lights. Candy floss, and confetti. Lots of confetti. Also a bubble that pops (heh, pun) out a quick "I'M SORRY!" once opened.

Where do you see yourself 6-months from now?

It'd be February of 2019 so I'd like to see myself as someone who doesn't have a cold. I'd also like to see myself progress more as a person who feels comfortable in his own skin, and feel powerful enough to start branching out into doing more gigs, live interviews and continue bringing happy feelings to the internet via Sounds Good.

What is the second thing you do every day?

The first thing I do is wake up confused and realize my alarm is making that noise and turn it off. After that I then lie in bed and wonder if I can really stomach another day of getting up and ready to head to a job that I don't care about and decide if I could get away with calling in sick. I did it a couple weeks back simply because my parents were away and I watched John Wick 2. That was a great day.

Is indie a genre?

If mumble-rap, cloud-rap and speed mariachi can be considered genres then Indie is definitely one. I'd personally say that it's more of a mood than a sound, but that's just me. Nothing is ever truly one thing these days, so to try and strive to create something that's purely Indie is quite sad really.

We would like you to create a playlist of 10 songs that best describe Adam @ Sounds Good blog in song titles.

Okay, here goes:

HONNE - 'Feels So Good'

IDLES - 'I'm Scum'

Jake Shears - 'Big Bushy Moustache'

Everything is Recorded - 'Be My Friend'

Indigo De Souza - 'What Are We Gonna Do Now'

Parquet Courts - 'Wide Awake'

Arctic Monkeys - 'One Point Perspective'

Tom Misch - 'Disco Yes'

Aerosmith - 'Love In An Elevator'

Paul McCartney - 'Fuh You'

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