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Saucy Talk with the amazingly talented Paul Scott-Bates of hiapop

Updated: Jan 3

We were first introduced to Hiapop listening to his weekly radio show on Radio Kaos Caribou. The show was jam-packed full of eclectic music gems that always tickled the ears. Hanging with Paul is like visiting your favorite record shop, and knowing the second you walk in the clerks are going to have a list of releases to throw your way. They know your style & taste - they cross the boundaries, and they open up a whole new space for you in the world of music.

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What are your three most favorite things and why?

My family. My wife is a constant source of support and encouragement. My best friend. The one I share my innermost thoughts and fears with. We met when we both had separate radio shows at a community radio station. I fell in love with her voice before meeting her.

Music. What can I say? My number one hobby. I love hearing new sounds and investigating new artists. I can’t think of anything else that I have such a passionate feeling for aside from my family. The important thing with music is to have no boundaries. Let your feelings rule your ears. I’ve also made music as two difference artists which is immense fun.

Blogging. I love writing about music and sharing it. I feel it’s my duty to let people know of all the great new music, often from new and unknown artists, that is out there waiting to be heard.

You are in charge of putting on an outdoor festival and can have any band/artist your heart desires (alive or dead). List nine bands/artists that you would have on the bill AND list your favorite piece of their work.

Depeche Mode – Somebody from the album Some Great Reward. Probably my all-time favourite group.

Feral Five – Kiss

Johnny Cash – the entire American recordings series is amazing

John Lennon – any number of his songs. The obvious ones and the not so obvious. Also, the Plastic Ono Band.

Faithless – Insomnia, Not Going Home, God Is A DJ

mylittlebrother – anything from them. A stunning group writing incredible songs.

Johnno Casson – one of the UKs best songwriters around today

The The – The Infected album was a huge influence on my direction for music. Brilliant lyrics and genius arrangements.

Adrian Sherwood – the chief of On-U Sound records which contains some of the most original and trailblazing acts I have ever heard – Tackhead, Fats Comet, Mark Stewart, Gary Clail. I was due to see him perform a live DJ set for my 50th Birthday but unfortunately, he cancelled.

What are the two major influences behind starting Hiapop blog and why?

The site was originally meant to be a showcase for poetry that I had been writing but it eventually morphed into a music blog. The title of the blog is an acronym for Heaven Is A Place On Pendle, Pendle being a hill close to where I was born and live. It’s famous for witchcraft and supernatural stories, the early years of the Quakers and the famous book by Robert Neill, Mist Over Pendle. As a teenager I used to sit on a huge rock at the top of the hill and enjoy the views and peace.

List in order of likeness eight concert tees you own and still wear on a regular basis.

Sadly, I don’t have many tour t-shirts that still fit me! The only one is a Depeche Mode one from the Songs Of Faith And Devotion tour that I now wear as nightwear! The favourite and most often worn band shirts are:

Ceiling Demons

We Are Quasars

Feral Five

Deux Furieuses

Depeche Mode (for bed)

Goldfrapp (for bed)



If you could collaborate with seven bands/artists, who would it be and what instrument would you be playing.

Wowzers! Difficult question. I don’t play any musical instruments, but I’d love to collaborate with Martin Gore or Blancmange. Maybe people like Jean-Michel Jarre or Brian Eno. I’d have loved to have stood onstage with Marc Bolan or Bowie. I used to dream of being married to one of the Nolan Sisters when I was young – wonder if they’d let me join the group?! Ha Ha!

You have one chance to get it right. What is IT?


What are your top five concerts?

Faithless at Manchester Arena (2007)

The Levellers at Manchester Castlefield Bowl (2018)

Erasure at Manchester Ritz (1987)

Martin Stephenson at Rawtenstall (2015)

Princess Chelsea at Manchester Deaf Institute (2013)

List four favorite magazines everyone should check out.

I’m not a big reader to be honest although I do subscribe to TQ Zine which concentrates on weird and experimental music for the no-audience underground. I also write for the Louder Than War magazine and flick through that to read my reviews!

You have six days to plan a bus trip. Where are you going, who is on the bus and why?

I’ve always fancied travelling along part of Route 66 so that would be my choice. I’d take my wife as she’s my best friend and I’m sure we’d love to take in the highway. I’d love to visit and stop off at the landmarks that have remained unchanged over the years, diners, gas stations, etc.… Maybe jump off the bus to drive a corvette or attempt a Harley Davidson although I’ve never ridden a motorbike in my life!

Create a playlist of 10 songs that best describe Hiapop in song titles

Purely for song titles:

Drama! (Erasure)

Nature Boy (Nat King Cole)

Hurt (Johnny Cash)

Happy (Pharrell)

New Life (Depeche Mode)

Kiss (Prince)

I Only Want To be With You (Dusty Springfield)

Faith (George Michael)

Give Peace A Chance (Plastic Ono Band)

Thank You For The Music (Abba)

For all things Hiapop you can start HERE.

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