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I am always amazed by the talent you can find on social media nowadays. Where you once had to flip through pages or call around - now you need only log on to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. That is how we met Ross and this is what Ross has to say...

What is the one thing you can't live without?

Okay, totally a cliché but MUSIC! Everything would be so quiet and boring without it, and without the musicians who create it, I would also be out of a job!

Who are your two favorite fiends and why?

I've got to say my husband and our dog, Loki (otherwise they'll both kill me) - but also because they ARE!

Name three books you read recently and using one word only describe the book.

Annabel vs the Internet (Annabel Port) - Hilarious!, I Am Pilgrim (Terry Hayes) - Intense!, and Lies (TM Logan) - Intriguing

Top four vacation destinations and why.

o San Francisco, CA - I just loved it when I was there. The city just had a really nice vibe, and visiting Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge was amazing.

o Algarve, Portugal - I had so many great family holidays here when I was a kid and

o New York City, NY - Because as they say in Hamilton, it's the greatest city in the world

You have been asked to do a Ted Talk. What are five topics you could see yourself presenting.

o Why Eurovision really is the best thing ever

o The Influence of Grunge on Popular Music (only because I did so much research on that for college!)

o The Guide to Not Being a Douche in the Music Industry

o How to Make the Most out of your Band Website

o For the Love of Sausage Dogs...

If you could have a sixth sense what would it be? You may already have so full disclosure is also accepted. ;-)

A perfect judge of character!

Snow white had Seven helpers. What is your seven?

o Scented candles

o The "Do Not Disturb" feature on my phone

o Music (of course!)

o Netflix (to help unwind after stressful days - perfectly paired with the candles, haha)

o A good home cooked meal

o Skype / WhatsApp (enabling me to easily connect with clients all over the world)

o Google (because really, where would ANY of us be without it?!)

You are asked to plan an all-day music festival. Who are your top eight pics to play?

Ok, I'm not sure what we would call this festival but it'd look something like...

Deaf Havana


Nine Inch Nails

Imogen Heap

Maria Mena

Something Corporate

The Spill Canvas

Mads Langer

List nine items you take when you are camping, or in my case, glamping.

o My phone

o Some good headphones

o Silver shampoo (can't be letting that bleached hair get all brassy, now!)

o Hair straighteners (can't be letting that hair get all out of control!)

o Deodorant (of course!)

o Multiple band shirts

o Spare contact lenses

o Camomile tea (and chocolate - I'm packaging them together so they just count as one item!)

o Change of underwear (phew, almost forgot...)

You are throwing a Halloween party for your favorite fiends. List 10 must-have songs on your playlist (you can also send me the link for a Spotify playlist).

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

The Spill Canvas - All Over You

Deaf Havana - Sinner

Slaves - I'd Rather See Your Star Explode

The Starting Line - The Best of Me

PVRIS - Hallucinations

Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds

Hands Like Houses - Shapeshifters

Allie X - Sanctuary

The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

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